To wear down a pencil



Whenever I think of an artist, I think of a young man around the year 1900 in poverty, sitting in the dawn light of an attic with no furniture except for a table and a chair, typing on a typewriter.


I have a very romantic idea of what it is to be an artist and often my decisions are based on this idea.

One of these decisions was to take a pencil and to draw with it until there was nothing left. To ware it down into an image. The transformation from a pencil to a surface that reflects an idea or imagination through physical labor.


The themes of the drawings, or their starting points where whatever first came to mind. Namely, Medieval, Viking, Trap, Harbor and Tree house. Of course these themes are laced with clichés and they also entered the pictures. The clichés bridged the distance that allowed me to be taken into the picture and to let my imagination take over which resulted in imagery that I couldn't have thought out in advance.


An idea is a starting point but action leads to results and to creativity.