Single truths


Single truths are statements or questions that pop up in my mind as the result of an inner monologue.

This internal monologue is not linear but jumps from one idea to the other making it quite difficult to retrace the thinking process that brought them about. Still they fill me with the enthusiasm of an important discovery and I feel the need to draw them. This is my way of retracing them and at the same time considering and testing their various elements.


Rational thought has erased the magic from the world.

Change your point of view!

"I then realized that during hard times you long for safety. Like clinging on to a sinking ship.”

Religion without believing, like a child playing out a story.

There are no singular truths. They change all the time, so it is up to us to choose our own  truths.

The emptiness at the end of a story.

To be a human is more than to be a list of ingredients.

Rationality and art can both provide answers.

As he draws out his subconsciousness it is no longer only himself he becomes aware of.

Deciding on the future.